Your second chance for Phraselator

Don’t you love the moments when a fan forgets to redeem his promo-code? Not because you like others to lose, but just ’cause you’ve got another chance for a great app. If you’re quick enough, that is.

Today’s app is Phraselator and four promo-codes are up for grabs. The first four commenters on this post will each get a code.

update: all gone! The winners (Cosmin, Andrei, Elia and A. Netoiu) got their codes via email.


  1. my bad. articolul a aparut de doua ori asa ca cele 4 coduri au fost trimise catre primii care au postat comentarii la art asta sau celalalt. stiu ca al doilea post nu mai apare pe blog, asa ca trebuie sa ma credeti pe cuvint.

    Pina atunci participa la concursul pentru eXtra Voice Recorder for OS X.

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