ce aduce firmware 3.0 pentru iPhone

deja avem diferite jucarii in functie de device. Tabelul de mai jos, de la Apple spune tot.

   1. Peer-to-peer connectivity requires compatible applications, which can be downloaded from the App Store when available.

   2. The original iPhone does not support using Bluetooth for peer-to-peer connectivity. It can use Wi-Fi and cellular data networks for peer-to-peer connectivity.

   3. MMS is not available in all areas; fees may apply. See your carrier for availability.

   4. Internet tethering is not currently offered in the United States and some other countries. See your carrier for availability.

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  1. Salut,
    am si eu un 3G , v3.o, i-am facut jail dar nu si unlock(pt ca nu a fost niciodata blocat, el functioneaza in Vodafone foarte bine si fara sa-l deblochez), problema este ca in “Settings-General-network” nu imi apare optiunea de “internet tethering”!
    Ma puteti ajuta? Multumesc

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