Inbox from Google (FAIL)

This is a great example of a Failed launch. Google announced today “Inbox”. It’s just like Mailbox (the app bought by Dropbox) so you can snooze or set reminders for new emails.

The Big Fail of this launch is two sided. On one hand Google is asking users to download the free app for iOS or Android and then ask for an invitation via email. Yes. You have to send an email to

I did and guess what I got in return: a Failed Delivery Notification because the recipient gets too much email. Really, Google?

On the other hand, most Google services, including Gmail are going through a big outage today. For the past 3 hours I was not able to use to send emails and all the received ones are delayed. I can do it only via

It’s worth noting that the new app is actually an app built on top of Gmail. You cannot get the same functionality on and certainly not in any IMAP app.

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  1. I actually got this about 1h30 after writing them, so it feels like a personal email :)
    1:10 AM (6 hours ago)

    to me
    Thanks for requesting an invite. We’ll send you one as soon as possible.

    Your friends at Gmail

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