Ce inseamna sa ai un back-up bun

Prima regula este sa nu ai doar un singur back-up. Da, stiu, exista persoane care nu au nici macar un singur back-up.

Restul regulilor suna asa:

1. Local backup (External Disk/Time Machine/Time Capsule) is a backup purely against hard drive failure and nothing else. If this is your only backup strategy, it is not good enough!.

2. If data doesn’t exist in at least 3 places, it isn’t backed up. Use internet backup services. If I could recommend only one, it would be Dropbox.


  1. Sincer articolul m-a pus pe ganduri. E drept ca am Time Machine dar el nu iti salveaza datele de un posibil incendiu sau orice dezastru…

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