Și totuși… sunt cei de la Apple curajoși că au scos mufa de căști?

Editorial Softpedia
Editorial Softpedia

Eu zic că da, dar curajul lor nu se măsoară în faptul că au scos sau nu o mufă. Am scris despre asta într-un editorial pe Softpedia News, pe care te invit să-l citești în întregime.

Apple’s real courage is not about removing stuff from their devices, but rather making it in such a way that, looking back, we will always say, “It was the right thing to do and the only way to help things go forward.”

Remember Flash? Back in 2010, Steve Jobs wrote it out of their devices. In 2016, Chrome is taking it out and redirecting all video traffic to HTML5 versions.

What would have happened to 2016 devices if Flash were still around? They would have been thicker to accommodate more battery, just to play the power-hungry Flash videos and animations.

What would have happened if the 30-pin connector were still around? Or how about the CD or the floppy drive?

Sure, we may not see it for the first few years. 5 years may come to pass, and users could still long for a headphone jack, just because this is how they used to listen to their music, videos, and podcasts.


  1. Eu zic ca au facut bine luand aceasta decizie. De ce? Chiar si Apple fiind, tot ajungeai sa ti se rupa sau deteriozere mufa de la casti , dupa un timp de utilizare. Practic trecand pe wireless, ai sanse mai mici sa fii nevoit sa schimbi castile la intervale de timp regulate.

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