Oare cum explică Apple noul iPhone 7?

Editorial Softpedia
Editorial Softpedia

Am scris un editorial pe Softpedia News despre faptul că oamenilor de la Apple le va fi greu să explice faptul că noul iPhone vine doar cu mici îmbunătățiri și păstrează același design.

“And let’s not forget that the headphone jack is going away this year. Sure enough, we will get a headphone to lightning adapter, but this is just a new annoyance for the users who want to use their good old headphones. Having to explain that to an iPhone owner is pretty difficult.

In conclusion, the hardware will look the same and add new functionality. Nothing spectacular, but good enough for a 3-year-old iPhone 5s user who wants to upgrade.

Still, having to explain to a user that their future iPhone will look the same but will lack some functionality while adding just a better camera and a dongle for their EarPods takes more than one hour and 42 minutes, while the Keynote lasts.”


  1. Zici ? Eu zic ca nu le va fi greu ..sunt experti la facut din ‘tantar.. armasar’ ; iar departamentul de marketing este punctul lor forte.

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