Wunderlist Pro

Si pentru ca tot vorbeam de aplicatii care sa faca un lucru simplu, dar sa-l faca bine, Wunderlist lanseaza si varianta Pro. Este destinata echipelor si nu va mai fi gratuit.

So, what can you expect exactly?

Without going into too much detail, Wunderlist Pro will arrive with the most requested feature for using Wunderlist in teams — Assigning. You’ll be able to add accountability to your shared lists, and at a glance know what you and everyone on your team is responsible for. Managing your own to-dos will also be a breeze too, with the addition of your very own ‘Assigned to Me’ Smart List. On top of Wunderlist Pro’s powerful assigning feature, you’ll also gain unlimited subtasks as well as some all new and exclusive backgrounds.

Launching Wunderlist Pro is a huge milestone for us and the most important step we have taken as a company. Why? It is our very first product that will come with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Wunderlist Pro can be all yours for just $4.99 (USD) a month or $44.99 (USD) a year. But of course, the Wunderlist you know today, will remain free, and we will continue to make both it and Wunderlist Pro even better.

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