Reteaua anti-sociala

Un articol interesant al lui Marco Arment – creatorul Instapaper. Intre timp, Instapaper a fost vanduta, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu are in continuare fani la fel de multi.

Partea cea mai buna este ca Instapaper este si un fel de retea sociala, dar fara partea sociala din ea. Stiu, e greu de explicat in doar doua cuvinte.

“There are no notifications whatsoever for following and unfollowing. Nobody can tell who follows them, how many people do, or even if anyone does. In addition to removing the emotional rollercoaster of follower counts and unfollows, this may actually increase following activity: if people realize that others won’t know when they follow or unfollow, they may feel more comfortable doing so.”

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