Cum invata Google Translate sa traduca din limbi pe care nu le cunoaste

Am fost surprins sa aflu ca exista traducere cuvint pe cuvint sau expresie pe expresie. Ce te faci cind nu exista traduceri dintr-o limba in alta pe nicaieri? Doar nu a stat cineva de la Google Translate sa traduca fiecare cuvint dintr-o limba in alta…

A good number of English-language detective novels, for example, have probably been translated into both Icelandic and Farsi. They thus provide ample material for finding matches between sentences in the two foreign languages; whereas Persian classics translated into Icelandic are surely far fewer, even including those works that have themselves made the journey by way of a pivot such as French or German.

This means that John Grisham makes a bigger contribution to the quality of GT’s Icelandic-Farsi translation device than Rumi or Halldór Laxness ever will. And the real wizardry of Harry Potter may well lie in his hidden power to support translation from Hebrew into Chinese.

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