Pebble Time – a smartwatch with color e-ink display

This is a huge jump from the previous generation Pebble. However, I still do not see the point in wearing a smartwatch. Or paying $200 for something that will look like a cheap kids’ toy when the Watch will be released in April for $350.

Don’t get me worng: The Pebble time is pretty cool and you may be a (smart)watch. This is just not for me.

By the way, Pebble launched their new product as a Kickstarter campaign and they’ve hit their goal in the first 20 minutes. That’s a $500.000 goal!

Update: 4 hours later, the Kickstarter campaign is close to $5 Million!


  1. Este foarte misto. Un prieten are prima versiune si isi merita cei 100 eur.
    – design-ul este bun
    – bateria tine aprox. o saptamana
    – feeling-ul nu este de “cheap kids’ toy”
    – este compatibil cu iOS si android
    Cand am vazut ca a aparut pe Kickstarter versiunea 2 ma asteptam la succesul asta.


  2. Au facut progrese fantastice cu Pebble Time.

    Daca reusesc sa si livreze functionalitatile din video-ul de prezentare, le prezic un succes fulgurant.

    Adrian: despre utilitatea unui smartwatch, o sa-ti schimbi parerea dupa ce vei vedea implementarea (dpdv software) a celor de la Apple (pe produsul real).

    Sunt convins ca aceasta categorie de produse smartwatch e un game-changer.

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