The new way of creating content. By newspapers

Newspapers (in US, for now) are reinventing themselves. In a world where everyone can shoot a video or picture and turn it into news, or in a world where Twitter delivers real-time news and comments it is pretty difficult to survive as a news outlet.

Sure you can post the same gossip and stupid titles over and over, but this won’t take you too far. You simplu can’t fool the readers too many times.

The New York Times has debuted a new series that transforms legal transcripts into dramatic and often comedic performances. The first story is here and the video is below.

Vox is taking the idea of video stories even further. They’ve done an interview with president Obama about the US domestic policies and the way the videos are edited makes it pretty cool.

Take a look at this video snippet and then go ahead and read the whole interview on their webpage.

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