Pantheon – the mysteries of… hours of gaming

Hidden temples, secret gods and a journey for wise travelers? Would you spend the next afternoon chasing that? How about an addictive iPhone or iPad Game that has all that and the fun of Bejewled?

Pantheon is addictive. That I can say. I wanted to try the game for a more comprehensive review and I got sucked in. I could not leave my iPhone aside till i got through a few good levels.

The graphics are so vivid on the iPhone’s retina Display and they look excellent on the big iPad Screen. Here’s a gameplay video: is giving you a chance to win one of the 3 promo codes for this app. The steps are as easy as every time on

1. Follow @boioglu on twitter.

2. Tweet this message “RT @boioglu Get your chance to win Pantheon on”.

3. Leave a comment below with the link to your Tweet (not to your twitter account page, but to the tweet itself).

The 1st, 3rd and 5th valid comment will get a promo-code.

update: all gone!


  1. 2 si 7 sunt valide ? nu arata decat tweet-ul tau RT de 4 persoane. deci nu au pus link catre tweet propriu :-?

  2. am inteles. deci e bine si asa. credeam ca merge doar cum sunt regulile cu care ne-am obisnuit deja.

    mersi frumos

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