iPhone-ul tau inregistreaza tot ceea ce faci

ipoteza – oarecum inspaimintatoare (mda, nu am gasit alt cuvint) -a fost explicata si demonstrata de Jonathan Zdziarski.

The device records screenshots of the most recent action so that it can achieve that cool effect of applications fading away when the home button is clicked, according to Jonathan Zdziarski, who wrote iPhone Forensics: Recovering Evidence, Personal Data, and Corporate Assets.

The screenshots are presumably deleted after the application is closed, but they can be recovered with forensics techniques just like data deleted from most any storage device can be reconstructed for purposes of law enforcement, he said in a Webcast on Thursday in which he demonstrated how to break into password protected iPhones.

“There’s no way to prevent it,” Zdziarski said of the screenshot caching, according to a Wired report. “I’m kind of divided on it. I hope Apple fixes it because it’s a significant privacy leak, but at the same time it’s been useful for investigating criminals.”



  1. Daca il comand din web shop telefonul vine activat ? + imi da cartela prepay la el ? garantie la tel si toate alea ? ai idee ?

  2. Foarte interesanta faza !
    Dar n-am inteles daca omu’ ala doar presupune sau chiar a reusit sa “recupereze” imaginile alea de sfarsit de aplicatie dintr-un iPhone.

  3. Adrian,optiunea de 12 EURO se poate activa doar prin prelungire de abonament ?? vad ca la abonament nou nu imi da sa optez pt activarea acesteia

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