Continuity Activation Tool

Did you update to OS X Yosemite and some of the Continuity features are not working? This may be due to a poor/incorrect setup or due to the fact that you are running the new software on old hardware.

Sure you can buy a new Mac, but wouldn’t it be easier just to find ways to enable all the great stuff like handoff, SMS Relay and iPhone calling?

A team of developers lead by dokterdok managed to find a solution. They call it “Continuity Activation Lock” and you can download it for free on GitHub.

It will activate Continuity by checking compatibility and whitelisting the Mac board-id and it will give you suggestions when it comes to parts (hardware) updates. All you have to do is download it, run it and don’t be afraid to do all the requested commands in Terminal. They are pretty easy to follow.

By the way, my problem with iPhone calling still doesn’t work. On the other hand, SMS relay is working fine and I’m using it a lot.

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  1. La mine functiona doar daca ma suna cineva, dar incercam eu sa sun imi dadea failed. Partea cu sms nu am incercat-o, probabil saptamana viitoare.
    Dupa ce am citit pe net scriau ca Handsoff si Continuitty nu merg pe Mac mai vechi de 2012 si minim iPhone 5.

    Din pacate am un Late 2009 MB si un iPhone 4s. Ma bucur ca ma restrictioneaza. O sa incerc si varianta de mai sus sa vedem.

  2. La mine call relay functioneaza in urmatoarele conditii: Mac-ul si iPhone-ul sunt conectate la acelasi wifi si castile cu mic conectate la Mac. Sms relay nu merge. Ca echipamente folosesc un 5s si un Mac mini – mid 2012

  3. Folosesc un iPhone 5 și un MacBook Pro Retina 2012 și nu am întâmpinat nici un fel de problemă.

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