Cel mai mic computer facut de Apple

Nu ai sa-l ghicesti niciodata, dar chiar este un computer in miniatura cu un SoC si tot ce-i trebuie.

Este vorba de un Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Un comentariu anonim lasat la un post de pe Panic blog vine cu detalii noi. Daca informatiile sunt corecte, atunci ele sunt lasate de un angajat Apple si sunt surprinzator de interesante.

“It is true that the kernel the adapter SoC boots is based off of XNU, but that’s where the similarities between iOS and the adapter firmware end. The firmware environment doesn’t even run launchd. There’s no shell in the image, there’s no utilities (analogous to what we used to call the “BSD Subsystem” in Mac OS X). It boots straight into a daemon designed to accept incoming data from the host device, decode that data stream, and output it through the A/V connectors. There’s a set of kernel modules that handle the low level data transfer and HDMI output, but that’s about it.”

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