FAKE: Camioanele cu monede de la Samsung pentru Apple

Am vazut povestea aia despre Samsung care a platit amenda de 1 miliard dolari catre Apple in monede de 5 centi. De prea multe ori!

Sa fie clar. Nu este reala. Este o gluma inventata de un site mexican si preluata apoi de “jurnalistii” de la Yahoo Finance care, evident, nu au verificat informatia.Ca de fiecare data.

The Guardian explica, pe intelesul tuturor:

1) Samsung’s fine ($1.049bn) isn’t yet payable; the judge hasn’t ruled. All we have is the jury’s verdict. The judge’s decision, which could include a tripling of the fine, is due on 20 September (or possibly 6 December now; it’s unclear). Until then, Samsung only has to pay its lawyers. That should be less than $1bn.

2) If Samsung tried to pay the fine in five-cent coins, Apple could legitimately tell the trucks to turn around and head back to Samsung.

3) Some more fact-checkiing from Ken Tindell via Twitter: “A nickel weighs 5g. It would take 2,755 18-wheeler trucks (max legal tare 80,000 lbs) to carry the money.”

4) Consider how much a billion dollars in nickels would weigh: you need 20bn of them, and at 5g each that’s 0.005 kg x 20,000,000,000 = 100,000,000 kg = 100,000 tonnes.

5) There probably aren’t that many nickels in circulation anyway. The New York Times noted in 2006 that there were about 20bn nickels in circulation at the time; rising metal prices were encouraging people to melt them for the copper and zinc. Another dose of reason.


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