Are you going to buy the Apple Watch?

Apple just launched a new webpage that shows short videos of the most important features of the Apple Watch.

The main video is about 4 minutes long and it describes the hardware and gestures. There are currently only 3 other clips available (for Messages, Faces and Digital Touch), but Apple plans to add 7 more soon.

Here’s my question: are you going to get an Apple Watch? Which one?

Only 20 days left…


  1. In niciun caz!
    Acest device, care mi se pare in sine o adevarata realizare pentru Apple, nu trezeste in mine nici cea mai mica dorinta de a-l avea.
    Sincer, nu-i gasesc nicio utilitate, iar pretul pentru acest No Use mi se pare urias.
    De altfel, orice device Apple in afara Mac, Ipad si Iphone cred ca este o risipa de timp, know how si bani.

  2. @RaduD: asa ziceam si eu aici. Intre timp am gasit un foarte bun argument. O sa scriu despre asta pe larg intr-un editorial si o sa explic care este acel “ceva” care face Apple Watch un device genial.

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