An iOS 9 wish-list after 8 years of using the iPhone

Yes, I’ve been with the iPhone since the beginning and I know exactly what I want for iOS 9.

Here’s my wish-list and a few ideas on how Apple can keep their supremacy on the mobile OS market.

Talking about Control Center:

Another issue I have with those toggles is related to the fact that you can only turn them ON and OFF. How about a long press on the WiFi button lets me choose the network. It can happen right there, on the spot or in the Settings app. What if I long press the Bluetooth button and I want to choose among a headset or a speaker. Or how about letting me put a timer to the Airplane Mode button?

The buttons on the bottom of Control Center may be another type of space wasted and non-customizable. Ok, the light toggle is really useful. I don’t even need to look at the phone to activate it. Same with the camera one. But I use the Calculator only about once a week and I have never used a Timer.

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