Un iOS mai plat

Au aparut discutii despre iOS 7: ca va fi mai apropiat ca design de Android sau Windows Phone.

O analiza interesanta ne arata ca iOS s-a modificat deja si ca developerii au schimbat imaginea aplicatiilor lor de ceva timp. Mie chiar imi place ce vad.

“Above is a selection of some of the most popular, well-known or lauded apps for the iOS platform. And there’s not a gloss, “texture” or stripe in sight. Yes, we can see a hint of it (Spotify, Path, Evernote) but the majority have gone for a different approach. There’s still the evidence of gradient and a “top shine” but it’s a more subtle, radial curve (Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flipboard) that alludes to a sense of perspective or 3D as opposed to the harshly cut gloss of old.”


  1. @tzup: nici eu nu le stiu pe toate, dar recunosc:

    facebook, vine, google drive, dropbox, soundcloud, any.do,
    cobook, gmail, foursquare, flipboard, chrome, strava cycling,
    evernote, …., path, spotify, quora, …

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