totul despre viitorul apple

nu stiu daca intrebarile conteaza, sau mai degraba raspunsurile. ele sunt date de un analist de la o companie cu surse bune in apple.

cele mai interesante mi se par astea:

Will Apple release a netbook?

Steve Jobs has indicated that the company “doesn’t do cheap”, and has not yet entered what he feels to be a “nascent market” for low-cost laptops, called netbooks. We believe that Apple has focused its efforts on the iPhone to accomplish much of what a netbook accomplishes: a mobile web browser. That said, we believe Apple could find success with a product in its lineup between the iPhone and the MacBook. If Apple chose to release such a product, we believe the most likely candidate would be an 11″ MacBook Air priced between $800 and $1,000, which could be released some time in CY09. Further down the road, Apple could leverage its multi-touch patent portfolio for a product with a similar price range and feature set in the form of a tablet Mac, which is more likely to be released in CY10 or beyond.

What is Apple’s gross margin on the iPhone?

Using numbers released following Apple’s Sept. quarter, we now believe the ASP of the iPhone (from Apple to the carriers) is about $630. However, we also believe that Apple will be able to lower its price of the phone to carriers by up to $150 in the next 6 months, but maintain its margins, by leveraging falling component pricing. As such, we are modeling the iPhone ASP to be about $475 in the Dec. quarter.

When will Apple release a new iPhone?

Most investors believe the iPhone hardware will be the same throughout 2009 as it is today; we disagree. While Apple has indicated that it differentiates the iPhone from its competitors by software, the company has not addressed its strategy to segment the market by expanding the iPhone lineup as it has the iPod lineup. Specifically, Apple could offer a SKU at a lower price than the current $199 entry price and/or a premium SKU at or above the higher priced $299 16GB model. Apple could lower the price by removing features like 3G and GPS; alternatively, Apple could make a premium SKU with a sleeker design using higher-end materials, more processing power, better graphics and more storage. We believe Steve Jobs’ comments on the Sept. quarter conference call regarding Apple’s iPhone strategy in CY09 support our thesis of new iPhone models at different prices in CY09: “I think we have to be the best. And I think we have to not leave a price umbrella underneath us.”

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