ultima distractie pe net este google game. regulile sunt simple: te duci pe google si scrii "adrian likes to". intre ghilimele. (bineinteles ca fiecare tre sa-si scrie numele propriu si personal). apoi dai pe blog primele 10 rezultate. stiu ca era mai funny in lb. romana dar nu sunt atit de multe rezultate si in cazu meu toate se duc la adrian mutu.

asa ca iata lista mea:

  1. Adrian likes to cook and highly recommends CookWise
  2. Adrian likes to spend his time out on the golf courses
  3. Adrian likes to do it one way, and that has proved to work well in the past
  4. Adrian likes to have – thinks it will
  5. Adrian likes to watch soccer on TV, go swimming in a warm pool, take long walks, and go to the aquarium
  6. Adrian likes to make his shows theatrical
  7. Does anyone know why adrian likes to strip?
  8. Adrian likes to write Javascript
  9. Adrian likes to try to draw with detail but also enjoy the freshness and variety that can be achieved with simple lines of the pencil and pastel
  10. Adrian likes to call himself 'an intellectual'

O sa fac din asta o leapsa. ca se poarta. vreau sa vad ce zice Zoso , Piticu , Darius , Dan si Cristi.