Cloud Outliner – a double win for the holidays

There’s lots to do for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve Parties and your best choice is pen and paper? Well, then you need to get organized.

There are quite a few apps out there that synchronize the Mac version with the iOS app and give a way to add taks. However, I find Cloud Outliner to be a simple and elegant solution for your needs.

I am the kind of user that writes stuff down on the computer, but needs to have them everywhere. The combination of Cloud Outliner for Mac and for iOS seems to be the perfect fit.

The app lets you create outlines that are easily sharable to other Macs or iOS devices with the magic of iCloud. You can also sync to Evernote. Here’s a short demo of the Mac app and then the iOS one.

The Mac app is $9.99 and the iOS companion is $4.99. But if you put aside the steak today you may have a chance to win both of them. is giving you a chance to win one of the 3 promo codes for the Mac and the iOS app. The steps are as easy as every time on

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