BBC’s undercover report in Apple’s supplier’s factories

A 48 minutes documentary takes on Apple’s factories in China.

It’s hard not to find this subjective. And I say that as a news correspondent. When you start your report talking about Apple as a Cult and then go on showing a 3rd party factory breaking Apple’s rules, you clearly want to crush them.

Take the cruising industry in the US or Europe and you will see exactly the same practices, rules and procedures. How come no BBC reporter went there to complain about their working conditions?

This is not a problem with Apple. It is a problem with all the industries that take cheap labour and try to make big money off of it.

I know it may seem harsh, but you cannot bash only one company for doing that. All big manufacturers that pay cheap workers in Asia have the same issues. Also, the workers go to work for those manufacturers because they want a higher-than-average wage. It’s not like they go from village to village forcing people to join Pegatron.

Last, these are not Apple employees. However, the Cupertino-based tech company makes sure they regularly check the factories to insure working conditions are met or exceeded.

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  1. Zici ca nu ai fi jurnalist! De ce se vorbeste numai de panarame pe la tv? De ce nu exista altceva decat fotbal in tara? Suntem mult mai tari la alte sporturi. este acelasi raspuns. Si cum ai spus tu. Toti fac la fel. Toate sunt la fel de ieftin de produs. Legat de masini, toate sunt fiare pana la urma. Probabil s-au legat de Apple pt ca este o companie gigant care investeste probabil mult mai multi bani decat ar trebui in imagine. Aceste investitii ridica niste semne de intrebare in anumite conditii.

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