waiting for iPhone 2.0…

or "10 reasons why the European iPhone will be better" 

1. vodafone has already 3G. it's way better than AT&T's 2.5G network

2. till the launch of the european iPhone apple will learn from it's own mistakes and upgrade the first iPhone

3. by then apple will launch next macOS X and hopefully we will have it on v2.0 of the iPhone

4. we have more phone hackers in europe, so you can use it with any network :)

5. by then apple will introduce iChat on the iPhone

6. the 2 MP camera will also be a video camera. after all it's just a matter of firmware (software) 

7. the price is gonna be lowered

8. we might get a 16 GB iPhone

9. google will release more iPhone apps

10. 3rd party open-source apps will be widely available for the iPhone.

have any other ideas? submit them here ;) 

update: there are rumors about an upcoming announcement about the european iPhone launch on monday. hopefully they are just rumors. because i wanna see some improvements :)

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  1. we don’t need your phone in romania …drugs are bad, iPhone’s are bad, mkay. (give me one plese)

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