Turn your Mac into a surveillance camera with Periscope Pro

You must be familiar with Periscope Pro, the app that turns your computer running OS X into a surveillance camera. We’ve reviewed it before here on boio.ro, but there are some great things we need to talk about that make this app even more awesome.

First of all, the big question is: Why would you need a Video Surveillance app on your computer? Well, the short and simple answer is: you need to protect something and dedicated hardware and software is very expensive.

What I like about Periscope Pro is that it comes with a simple, straight-forward interface and it packs a lot of useful features. You just need to set it up once and it will do the rest.

Periscope Pro is compatible with the built-in camera and basically any 3rd party webcam or stand-alone IP cameras. One other great fact is that you can se it to continuously record video or to detect motion or audio. When the video is done you can automatically copy it to a Dropbox folder so you can watch it on the go from your iPhone or another computer. Here’s a look at what it can do.

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Did I mention this is a $20 app and you can get it for free? Winners will be randomly chosen on January 16th.

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