Here’s the game to help you wait for your Black Friday stuff – Plantera – your garden is now on iOS and Android

Plantera for iOS and Android
Plantera for iOS and Android
Plantera for iOS and Android
Plantera for iOS and Android

So you woke up early, you placed an order with all your favorite stuff for Black Friday and now you wait. Got nothing else to do before the new stuff comes home? Here is a really nice game to help you forget about counting the days.

Plantera was created by VaragtP Studios AB, the same guys that brought to you “Tap Heroes”. This time they just released a side scrolling game for your virtual gardening needs.

What makes Plantera pretty cool? Here’s three things to keep in mind:

1. It comes on Android and iOS in the same time.
2. the characters are pretty cool
3. The game is free!

Plantera challenges you to create and maintain your virtual garden by adding new plants, bushes, trees and animals. As you play and expand, cute blue creatures called helpers will be attracted to your work and aid you on your quest to keep the garden tidy and nice. They can also harvest your plants. You can do the work yourself or let your helpers do the chores as you sit back and relax. They even work on your garden when you are not playing – and if you are lucky – nice surprises might be waiting for you to collect upon your return.

But watch out for the evil critters trying to infest your garden… You can chase them away or upgrade with a guard-dog to run them off! New plants, bushes, trees and animals unlock as you level up, and the game offers a great collection of achievements to collect.

Go ahead and download the iOS version of this game or choose the Android version of Plantera.

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