Gmail – out of beta and into offline

Google gears is making another big step towards setting gmail free. blogger has priority apparently, but it’s just because microsoft is so far ahead with windows live writer.

Gmail will be next and with that we’ll have it out of beta for good.

till then you can enjoy small pieces of the cake like Imap (rolling out now to a gmail account near you).

btw, will you switch to imap? i’m pretty happy with the perfect combination gmail pop3/outlook, but i’d give it a try…


  1. :)) pop3 & outlook… it’s so… dark age.

    Pune putin un “The BAT!” e facut de niste baieti din Chisinau si e favoritul meu de ani de zile. :)

    Outlook-ul da niste balbe… daca se rupe conexiunea te pomenesti cu duplicate in inbox. La the bat nu o sa vezi nimic de genul asta.

  2. folosesc outlook 2007. si asta nu e chiar dark age. am incercat cu thunderbird si nu mi-a placut cum merge.
    in plus outlook 2007 are cititoru de rss care ma ajuta f mult.
    nu stiam ca bat e facut de cineva din chisinau :P

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