Amazon Echo is Siri in a speaker

Interesting product: you keep it plugged in all the time and connected to the cloud and you get all sorts of answers and tasks done.

Amazon Echo is a speaker with a built-in digital assistant. It costs $199 and Amazon Prime members can get it for $100 for a limited time.

The Amazon Prime membership is 99 bucks and it gets you some nice perks. Among the most notable ones are free 2-day shipping inside US, music and video streaming. So you can basically get Amazon Prime free for an year.

This is one Amazon product that looks promising. I’d love to see developers chime in with apps or features that work with Echo and I think having this in a smaller size would be pretty awesome.

Interestingly enough, Amazon does not sell it just yet. But you can request an invitation. Whoever does that may receive an email in a few weeks to buy the device. Also, Amazon markets this with a 4-minute long infomercial.

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