Tip the toilet girl

toilet signMexicans are trying to get money out of everything. I was laughing when i saw this poster in a toilet in west-Mexican resort, but it’s not that funny to have somebody willing to get with you in the lavatory to hand you the toilet paper.

It’s even more awkward when she’s waiting for the tip. Who would take his wallet to the restroom, anyway???


  1. Bă, io-s prost ÅŸi nu mă ÅŸtiu, tot îmi vine mie când comentează cineva la tine, scote-mă de la subscription, că n-am ÅŸtiut când/dacă m-am trecut. Că io dau ÅŸi zice că nu-ÅŸ’-ce not found. Scoati-mă. MulÅ£am.

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