Bank of America = thief

I went to a Bank of America ATM to deposit some money. It was all my salary for a month. Strange enough I didn’t get any receipt from the ATM though I did ask for one. A week later my funds were not in my account.

I call the bank and they manage to issue a credit and start an “investigation”. That’s after I have to tell the story to 2 different BoA operators.

A month later I get a letter from the bank in which i am being asked to send them all the documents / checks I have to prove my deposit. To prove it?? How come? It was a Bank of America ATM and I haven’t done anything illegal. Why I am being asked? Anyway, I ignore the letter and 3 days later my funds disappear. I go to one Miami branch, ask to speak with somebody about this and they give me a phone to call some operator… what’s the problem? The guys in the local branch cannot handle this kind of issues???

Though they have my file and all the mails I have sent on this matter, the operator is asking me stupid questions. I had to tell her the story once again and make her understand that my money just disappeared from my account with a little help from their own employees.

A few days later I get another letter from the bank. This time they realized that they were wrong and they have found the money. Oh really?? After two months?

This short story makes me wonder? What if I was a poor Latin-american worker that doesn’t speak to much English and he’s trying to save his money dollar by dollar?

How many people did you rob, Bank of America?

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