Do you Understand Me? Prove it!

We’ve all played “Mim” or a version of it. But what would you say about a game that can be played along with your iPhone?

Understand Me” is one of those games that can help you have fun with lots of friends. The idea is simple: you have to create a few teams and then ask your iOS Device for a word or phrase. The team that will guess the most words faster wins the game. is giving you a chance to win one of the 3 promo codes for this app. The steps are as easy as every time on

1. Follow @boioglu on twitter.

2. Tweet this message “RT @boioglu Get your chance to win Understand Me! on”.

3. Leave a comment below with the link to your Tweet (not to your twitter account page, but to the tweet itself).

Check this post on August 25th to see if your’re one of the winners.

And the winners are: EddyA28, bindor1 and Cristian are the winners this time around. They’ll have to email me till August 28th to redeem the promo-codes.