best of web2.0: firefox, google and wordpress

webware announced today the winners of top 100 web applications competion. As I told you since yesterday, Firefox and WordPress are among the winners. Most of Google's applications can be found in the same top.

Firefox is leading the browsers category with over 50% of the votes, followed by Opera with 13%. The rest doesn't really matter, does it?

Gmail is the best communication tool today and YouTube took the first seat in media. Also, in mobile applications we can see google mobile and google maps as leaders. Blogger is only the forth best as a publishing tool. Here we have wordpress, adobe and drupal as leaders.

And guess who's the winner in Entertainment? Stardoll – a website for little girls. i wonder who voted for them? :) well, i guess the boys where busy playing on "Desktop Tower Defense" ('cause they're second best)

In the end let me count the numbers: 5000 nominations, half a million votes for the finals and you can see 14 different Google products as winners.

Do not worry, till next year Google will buy the rest of them ;)

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