16 Gb iPhone and all things apple

informatiile de mai jos fac parte ditr-o presupusa ciorna a prezentarii lui steve jobs de maine, de la macworld. nush cit e de adevarat, dar since eu tot nu sunt convins ca merita sa folosesc iPhone cu un contract At&T si sa-l activez.

iar pentru inceput cei 8 giga din iPhone-ul meu imi sunt suficienti. (poate ma supar si il vand pe asta si imi iau unul de 16 giga…)

iar fake steve jobs ne zice ca e … fake. (lista, ca de el stiam deja).

ce parere ai de ce ne pregateste apple? tine cont ca lista asta apare aici cu 16 ore inainte de deschiderea oficiala a expozitiei.

iPhone – what’s new?

– SDK is unveiled!

– iPhone is coming to Japan in March with NTT DoCoMo

– Four times the memory as original iPhone for the same price

– Starting today: 8GB $399, 16GB $499

– Much more than the 1% market share we asked for in January

– Sales beyond our wildest dreams

– Sales figures, market share

– Best iPod ever

iPhone/iPod Touch SDK

– Automatic updating wirelessly or docked

– Users buy/download in iTunes Wi-Fi Store / iTunes Store (Mac/PC)

– Set your own price: Apps $0-$6.99, Widgets $0-$2.99

– Specify iPhone or both iPhone/Touch (certain features iPhone only)

– Developers submit programs as source code, not executable

– Using Cocoa with Objective-C

– Apps and Widgets

– If using microphone or GSM, iPhone only; otherwise, available for both iPhone and iPod Touch

– Submits source code to Apple for validation (make sure that people aren’t abusing the system, prevent malware and viruses)

– Demonstration of exporting from XCode 3 to iTunes Store

– Apps can be free or up to $6.99; Widgets free or up to $2.99

– Developers recieve 70% of revenue for their products

– Licensed under Apple Mobile Software License

– Can download wirelessly from iTunes Wi-Fi Store or docked to computer from iTunes Store

– Demonstration of wirelessly downloading (and running) the app submitted earlier

– Apps and widgets can be rearranged on front screen; front screen scrolls to show all apps/widgets

– Resubmit updated versions of apps; when added to store, iPhone/Touch will ask you to update it next time you use it (or next time you dock the iPhone/Touch)

– Developers can get their hands on a beta version of the SDK tomorrow on ADC and start developing; final version due early February

– iTunes 7.6 and iPhone/iPod Touch Software update 1.3 allowing for Apps mid-February

Example apps/widgets


– One of our partners made something cool: Last.fm (scrobble tracks played on iPhone/touch wirelessly without syncing w/ computer)

– RSS Feed Reader (coming with 1.3 update) (read feeds online or off)

– iChat (coming with 1.3 update) (AIM, Jabber/Google Talk)

– Quick demonstration


– Another partner: Twitter (update your Twitter on the fly, see your friends tweets)

– Sports Ticker (coming with 1.3 update) (choose your sports and teams, get updates on their progress)

– Yellow/White Book (coming with 1.3 update) (search for contacts, add them to your address book directly from the app, will sync back with address book on your Mac/PC)

– Dictionary (coming with 1.3 update) (quickly look up words, translate, use wikipedia)

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  1. Foarte interesanta fraza:
    “- iTunes 7.6 and iPhone/iPod Touch Software update 1.3 allowing for Apps mid-February”
    Cum sa o interpretez ? Ca update 1.1.3 vine la mijlocul lunii februarie, sau ca Third-Party Apps vor fi disponibile in update-ul 1.1.3 (1.1.3b ?) din mijlocul lui februarie ?

  2. (Just for Fun !) Breaking News ! Keynote-ul lui Steve Jobs la MacWorld 2008 a inceput chiar acum !

    Desi ar fi trebuit sa inceapa la orele 09:00 (San Francisco) sau 19 ora Romaniei, acesta a inceput mai devreme.
    Luati prin surprindere, participantii au dat navala in sala principala.

    Steve a anuntat deja urmatoarele:

    1. “ – From today, iPhone will be sell free of contract ! For existing iPhone customers, please connect your iPhones to iTunes, starting with 12:00 am, and we will unlock them all !”
    2. “ – It seems to be something in the air ! Please, someone call 911, it’s a strange unidentified flying object around there !”;

    Trebuie sa intrerupem transmisia pt. moment – se pare ca obiectul neidentificat induce bruiaje in comunicatia wireless…

    Va tinem la curent cu urmatoarele declaratii… revenim in cel mai scurt timp.


  3. buna gluma :d
    dar nu ai sa vezi asa ceva :)
    se poate urmari undeva Keynote-ul lui Steve Jobs?


    Steve tocmai a anuntat ca updateul freeware 1.1.3 pt iPhone este disponibil incepand de azi !!!!

    Vesti extraordinare pt. noi care asteptam unlock software pe ale noastre iPhoane 1.1.2 otb CU bl 4.6 !!!!!

  5. nush de ce crezi ca sunt vesti extraordinare….deocamdata sunt ff mici sansele sa apara o metoda de deblocare….si sincer nu cred ca va apare ff curand asa ceva.

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